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my first "hardware contact" was sometime in 1986. i started to code some little apps for school on the famouse kc85- a good homecomputer in the gdr. i used basic of course and a little bit assembler for gamecheating. in 1987 my father and some enthusiast started to build a cp/m compatible computer. this was done after one year of assembling chips and resistors form all over the eastern hemishphere. now i had my first "personal" computer with an u880 (z80) or better a 50kg metal box with a floppy, a datasette, a green monitor and a c128 keyboard. i started to write some nice games in 180x126 pixel graphicmode and tools of course.

this was the time where i switched from basic80 to turbo pascal v2 and asm80. in 1989 i saw an amiga and plan to write an menudriven os for my big metal box. the last version of this os, called sysb, used nearly 100k of the 128k memory. a overlay mode was implanted, which moves unused portions of the system to the floppy disc and vise versa. unfortunately this os was never been released. due to the fall of the iron courtain my work had no longer a substance and i bought an amiga500.

i started to compose with the old soundtracker, wrote programs in blitzbasic and assembler and used the first versions of reflections and real 3d. i joined a local scene-group called "the judgement". we never released a demo or an intro but some nice graphics and a music-disc. in late 1993 or early 1994 i bought my a4000 two weeks before commodore goes bancrupt...shit! this machine was only used for the protracker and now reflections version 2 and the best graphicsprogram ever - "brilliance".

at the end of 1994 i started to study "scientific informatic", bought my first intel and got in touch with two st9o members (zeus&sylion), who studied, too. i was making some sounds and some graphics for our 2nd placed demos and some pieces of music they never been placed high enough. in my study time i've learned "c" and wrote my first little tools in watcom c and on the very fast sun sparc classic. my friends at st9o called me a blasphemist... all using asm but i used a thing called "c". my party sounds and my magazine "big mag" are the two big succeeds in my 4 years at the college.

after my examination i started real life and learned how valuable time is. today i'm occupied with writing applications in c++ and using buzz. i also try to come back as an graphic artist but i know, the time wouldn't allow this. so i don't have time and pleasure to finish the nfobrowser and all the other things, too. dueto my work i'm interested in database and multitier applications. but st9o don't need such shit... this is the time to come back to st9o, make some sounds and working hand in hand with the other coders to bring up our new works!

my favorite links, i'm visiting every day:
my homepage: www.eisengarten.de
st9o: www.strontium90.de
speiseplan btu-cottbus: www.iit.tu-cottbus.de/eplan/
buzz: www.buzztrack.com
linux apps: www.linuxapps.com/
RFC's: www.quantum.de/cgi-bin/rfcprint?rfc=xxxx
windows coding: www.codeguru.com
hypertext preprocessor: php3.glode.de
sound coding: www.harmony-central.com/

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Feel free to contact me at: irga@strontium90.de