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Hi, this is the page of Nias, one of the two real 3d - coders of ..stRONtium9o.. I'm one of the founders of this crew, and still working... I started my computer-science studies in late 1996 at Cottbus University. My favorite interests are programming realtime 3d-applications.

At the beginning of my coding career:) i wrote all my 3d-effects in pascal for the DOS-platform. Later, in the need of more memory i switched from real-mode application to protected mode application. But there were no pascal compilers at this time with support for protected mode. This was the time, where I've tested to program the complete app in assembler. I've found it was nice, 'cause i have the whole control of the computer. Okay here starts my assembler career:). After writing two demos with the st90-crew ("Gesehn Gelacht F8" and "Segmentation Fault Core Dumped") in assembler, the st90-members were a little inactive 'cause of heavy work in their studies. After 2 years (in the beginning of 1999) of heavy study we came to the solution that st90 must start a new "World Domination" :) Tour. But at this time M$-Windows is everywhere and no one of us wants to write some DOS-application anymore. So we changed our platform to windows and i started to use C++ and STL. I've tested to write something for DDraw, but after getting a lecture about Computer Graphics/OpenGL I was very impressed about this API and wrote some little programs for OpenGL. After gaining some experience in OpenGL and in the win32 api I wrote a windows screensaver with OpenGL support (240k) which seems a little buggy with non TNT cards. Then i started a new project: a new 3d-Engine with OpenGL and this is my (and Foenyx) actual project - growing up very fast. Another one is to port the engine to linux and make the demo available for windows and linux platform. But this is a sub-project! :) With this Engine, a new demo for the Mekka2k is coming up.


Here are some of my favorite links:

Main ..stRONtium9o.. site:) www.strontium90.de
Main OpenGL Site: www.opengl.org
NVidia OpenGL EXT: http://www.berkelium.com/OpenGL/NVIDIA/extensions.html
Windows Screen Saver programming: http://www.wischik.com/scr/
File Format's: http://www.wotsit.org/
OpenGL tutorials: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Cavern/3939/

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Feel free to contact me at: nias@strontium90.de