d a y d r e a m e r

  After the great break in 1989 a friend of mine got an Amiga500 and I saw things like „The Anti Atari Demo“ or „The Red Sector Megademo“ and we played „North & South“. In this year on Xmas I got my own Amiga with 1mb of ram. My first programs were „DPaint 3“, „North & South“ and „Wings“.

After a lot of time, playing games I got some utility discs - (every trader group worked on a record for the best utility disc in this time - with boot loader - intro or menu - nice...) On one disc was a program called „Noisetracker“. It was the version 1.2. And this was one major point in my computer carrier. It was sport for me to rip the sound modules from the games and demos and convert them back to standard noise or later protracker format. With the upcoming Protracker ( I mean the hires version - think it must be v2.0) a new great tracker was born and I did my first steps in creating modules. I bought a cheap 8bit mono serial port sampler (80DM) and tried to make module versions of popular music but the sample buffer of the mod format where only 65 kb. :-( So this wasn’t an success. After some time I tried to make my own music and this worked better. Later I was on a little computer party held in Leipzig and I got contact to the party manager. With him and a school friend we established MADOR. But the coding power of this 3 men group wasn'’t enough to build large demos... 2 or 3 intros where released. But we mail traded much in this time and got new contacts. So another crew wanted us to join it. I wasn’t pleased, but the others wanted to. So MADOR was dropped.

In this year some guys that called their group strontium90 went to TheParty and one place in the cars was free - so I got it and went with the strontium90 crew to party place. There I met the 2 guys from ex-MADOR and after some misunderstandings they kicked me out. After this point I've been tight to strontium90 and have done a track for the production „F8“ - second place at the first or second mekka. But I don`t like long parties - so I don`t have much chances to release my selfmade stuff.

After the release of FastTracker I bought my first PC with a Gus. yeah! On this time I studied economics and met new upcoming members of strontium90. After some times I lost my interest for mod-music because I wanted to do more professional tracks and bought my first real synth - the cs1x. Its a fantastic and cheap machine but totally different to programs like tracker. If you want some of my pieces go to www.fh-lausitz.de/~aseidel/. In this time I won Adobe Photoshop V4.0. After trying to sell that hot stuff - unlucky I open the magic box and this was the beginning of me new passion - I've got a tool, that understands me.... :-)

After study I worked as web designer and project manager in a small firm. But some circumstances made me bored and I left the firm to build my own business. If I have some time I like to play with the new software synths and the great buzz - the last great tracker :-)

So the life goes on - I`m not dead!




my old homepage www.fh-lausitz.de/~aseidel/
hot news www.heise.de
some gfx plugin stuff http://perso.club-internet.fr/gpl/
some stuff for Illustrator www.illustrator-resources.com
great music magazin www.keys.de
the site to my synth www.danbbs.dk/~mbcqaz/
MAZ the point for tracking music www.maz-sound.com
my page at mp3.com www.mp3.com/daydreamer