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Our last and most complex relelase, presented at the Mekka97
and once again, getting only the 2nd place.
Take a look, if you have a GUS and a Vesa2.0 compatible graphic-card,
able to display 320x480x16bpp!
You can try to use a Vesa-driver, too, but no guarantees at all!
If you want to have the sources, go right here.

Get it right here. (2.67MB)

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This is our second demo, released at Mekka96 and got 2nd place.
Btw, this is the first release, made completely in assembler, using
the dos-extender "dos32". The sourcecodes are available in the
download section, good luck with compiling :)
Unfortunately, you'll need a GUS or SB, and a graphics-card, able to
display mode 13h ;).

Get it right here. (1.14MB)

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This is our one and only 40k-intro, coded by Nias and Foenyx and
released at the Nexus95, a small german demo-party, no one
really noticed :)
The sourcecodes are available in the download section.
Requirements: GUS or NoSound, and the well known Mode13h-thingy.

Get it right here. (40k)

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Here it is: our first real demo-production, made in 1994,
released at the PartyIV, but never shown on the screen, because
of a stupid port-bug for the GUS-settings.
This feature still remains, so you have to change your GUS-settings
to IO-port 240h, or to take the sources, and compile it

Get it right here. (0.7MB)