d a r k m a n


Hi, this is Darkman of ..stRONtium9o..

I came to stRONtium9o the early days, in 1994, to support the growing demo crew with my abilities of picture the reality.

With other words, I started to become the painter. This time, still in school, I tried a lot on my good old Amiga and made some nice gfx just for fun and for my own productions, no one has ever heard of!

These were the busy days of stRONtium9o, with a lot of senseless releases, better not to mention anymore ;). (Don't forget to take a look in the productions-section).

After finishing school in '95, I started my studies in computer science, got my first mention on PartyV in denmark with my faboulous Ratman, placed 39th out of 89 contributors :), and started working on a PC (sad but true). This P100 ruled the PartyV, where only Nias, Foenyx and myself were representing stRONtium9o and released nothing. Just for fun the coders hacked a mindblasting party effect in pascal, that's still a funny looking piece of art.

The next years were full of work for study and some demos, never placed better than second. Sometimes I took partwork in additional code, too, but that was'nt the reason for never getting the first place ;). The last two years, all stRONtium9o members were busy with other than coding, painting or composing, so no release got ready at all after Mekka/Symposium97.

But, the time you read this, stRONtium9o stands up and want's to strike back with another lovely, completely unbelievable, headbanging piece of code, planned for release in early 2000. So I have to stop now and go back to work on the pix. But don't start crying, just meet me at #coders.ger or send me letters to darkman@strontium90.de. And don't forget to watch out for further releases of ..stRONtium9o..

Darkman of ..stRONtium9o.. in late 1999